Meet the organiser, and his car.

Willie Chrystal has always been into his cars. A Paisley man all his days who runs his safety training company from the town as well, MaxSafe ( Having had many weird and wonderful cars throughout the years you may see him running about Paisley in his current 2008 Chevrolet Corvette. This is Willie’s third Corvette. Previous included a 1987 C4 Convertible and a 1975 C3 Stingray which he personally restored and was the inspiration for the very first St Vincent’s Hospice CarFest.

This 2008 has the LS3 engine (6.2 Litre V8) which was the first model year to have the newer engine. The very first Corvette model away back in 1953 had a body moulded in fibreglass which continues today. Nicknamed “the plastic fantastic the performance figures speak for themselves. 0 – 60 times are 4.3 seconds with a top speed of 189 mph which can be achieved on the autobahn from the 438 bhp stock engine.

The car also has selectable magnetic ride, which stiffens the suspension, and active handling control which automatically applies braking to any wheel that loses traction. Putting paid to the myth that American cars “can’t go round corners”. Willie has put this to the test on track days at Knockhill race track.

Modifications to the car are subtle with a stainless steel race exhaust fitted, a K&N air system, a carbon fibre steering wheel and android head unit for the telephone and audio integration.

A very useable day to day car which if treated nice on the motorway will return 30/35 miles to the gallon.

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